Mailbag: Norway, Financial Fair Play, and Rafael Benitez

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May 10, 201934m
Mailbag: Norway, Financial Fair Play, and Rafael Benitez
May 10 '1934m
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We start this weekend's Mailbag episode with a rare trip to Scandinavia, focusing on what's gone wrong so far for Rosenborg in the Eliteserien. After that, there's time to assess who's on the better international comeback trail, Italy or Netherlands?

We follow those two hot potatoes with a look at Rafael Benitez's reputation in Europe, but not before we give a full and frank assessment of the current state of Financial Fair Play since its implementation in 2012.

But don't worry if that all sounds a bit too sensible - there's plenty of Game of Thrones puns to sink your teeth into. Valar Morghulis! is the destination for your emails, we'd love to hear from you.

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