Stargate "SP" Pioneer
Mar 26
Rating:   10
Simply The Best Podcast On TV Shows For Fandoms Because All TV Shows End

I've been listening to On The Bubble Podcasst since episode 1. It has been a fun ride listening to Josh chronicle the end of a television show that has an engaged fandom. In this age where a television studio will yank the plus on a show prematurely Josh is one of the few (and possibly the ONLY) source to talk about the TV shows that have been removed from the air before their time and how their fan base reacted. Josh also goes in depth in his research and draws out the facts of the last episodes of a show and what happens behind the scenes. I look forward to new episodes and anticipate what great things Josh will continue to do int he future with this show. I love the concept. I love the execution and I love listening to the content. If you listen to the show I encourage you to send in a review to tell Josh how much you like the show. ~SP

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May 29 '18
Rating:   2

The single narrator is so slow and inarticulate that this podcast is only good if you’re suffering from insomnia

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