Arnold Sports Festival ReCap

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Mar 16, 201955m
Arnold Sports Festival ReCap
Mar 1655m
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In today's episode: @coachmyers_gutcheck @therealnettyg ReCap of @arnoldsports Get Connect: @joinarealgym Music: Song: 'The Line'…209?i=1095463314 Old School Gym Radio is a podcast that covers life in the gym, the business world and everything in between. Coach Myers is a lifelong weightlifter, gym owner, and world renowned strength coach. Thru literally growing up in a garage gym, owning a famous hardcore gym, and training elite athletes, Coach Myers has developed a unique perspective on the “fitness” culture and what it takes to be successful in life. Co-host Netty G is a business BOSS and brings a wealth of life experience and female insight to balance out the discussions about this male dominated industry. Although Netty played sports her entire life and has weight trained since high school, she truly didn’t understand the grind of training until discovering The Old School Gym. The Old School Gym is a small local gym on the side of the National Highway outside of Columbus, Ohio, but it’s legendary training environment is sought out from all corners of the globe. Here is your chance to discover what it means to be Old School and to learn some life lessons from those that walk the walk.

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