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Apr 15, 20191h 21m
Apr 151h 21m
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Welcome back, just in time for 420 week and we have a fresh and toasty episode. Not only do we talk 420 in Toronto,Montreal and Vancouver but also about Damian's upcoming trip to Jamaica. With 3 dispensaries and the new laws just in place i am sure he will have some great stories next show. Lets not get too ahead of our self's though. We circle back to a story we spoke on last episode, the 1st Cannabis store in Toronto and the Media mishap that went down on opening day.  Last but certainly not least, we interview Frenchy Cannoli renowned Hash maker. We speak about his beginnings up to his up coming 'Lost Art " workshops on Hash and Resin in Montreal this April 20th 2019 as well as Toronto on the 24th. 
He is just one of the great guests still to come on this season of the show. Now pass the Blunt hit play.

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