S2 Ep.1 with @schoolofhardnugs

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Jan 27, 20191h 13m
S2 Ep.1 with @schoolofhardnugs
Jan 271h 13m
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Welcome to the new home for the podcast, same great content with a new logo and our own podcast feed. we will still be on turned out a punk as well. 
      This episode we speak on the 1st 3 months of federally legal cannabis in Canada, as well as our recent trips including the 1st rec edition of the Emerald cup. while at the cup i was able to interview @Schoolofhardnugs who is this episodes interviews. As we get things going here at our new home on iTunes and Spotify, please rate/review and tell your friends to check the show and subscribe. Now get that cold start Dab ready and hit play.

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