PetLifeRadio.com - Oh Behave - Episode 81 Paws Up to All You Crazy Cat Ladies (and Guys)!
Sep 4 '0933m
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Time to debunk that stereotype that gives you hissy fits. Guess what, America? People doggone lucky to share their homes with a cat or two or more tend to be happy, giving, and fulfilled. Special guest Dr. Pia Salk, a psychologist and spokesperson for the Tidy Cats Campaign to End Cattiness, shares all things cool about cats. And, listen closely. She also reveals how you can win $5,000, a year’s supply of litter (that’s clean litter) and appear on a Webisode with your favorite feline. Tune in!

More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Paws Up to All You Crazy Cat Ladies (and Guys) with Arden Moore

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