PetLifeRadio.com - Episode 55 Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson Talk ‘Marley & Me’ on Oh Behave!
Dec 8 '0847m
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Arden Moore hosts a special episode of "Oh Behave" - inside the press conference in Beverly Hills for the upcoming movie, "Marley & Me." The show’s stars - Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and Eric Dane - plus director David Frankel and head animal trainer Mark Forbes happily share the special challenges - and delights - of working on this movie involving 19 Labrador retrievers of all ages portraying the antics of this so-called ‘world’s worst dog.’ Added bonus: Moore knew Marley during his youthful, always-in-trouble years and shares her unique insights into this famous dog and his owners, John and Jenny Grogan. Don’t miss this show!

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