Jason Folsom, MHI Vestas (Ep. 12)

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May 8, 201930m
Jason Folsom, MHI Vestas (Ep. 12)
May 8 '1930m
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Jason Folsom

Welcome to Offshore Wind Insider, a podcast from the Business Network for Offshore Wind. I’m Josh Cohen, and my guest this episode is Jason Folsom, National Sales Director for MHI Vestas U.S.

Jason has been active in the offshore wind industry for more than a decade and has seen a lot of changes, so we start our conversation with Jason himself and his background. Then we discuss MHI Vestas, its background and its business development focus in the industry. Then we look at the US industry more broadly, how the domestic supply chain might develop, and how local businesses can find their niche within the industry. We close by looking at the role of technology and how technological advances may shape the industry moving forward.

We recorded this episode during the opening afternoon of the 2019 IPF, the Business Network’s International Partnering Forum held last month in New York City. So as we’re talking you’ll hear some activity in the background as exhibitors were setting up their tables. Next year’s 2020 IPF is already scheduled, for April 20 through 23 in Providence, Rhode Island, so mark your calendars and visit 2020ipf.comfor more information.

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