19: The Better Halves Take Over

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Jul 19, 201844m
19: The Better Halves Take Over
Jul 19 '1844m
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The boys are back in Hinchtown! Brought to you by the irrefragable CastBox (0:00 - 1:01). This time around, the better halves {Becky Dalton and Kelly Mossop} have decided they're taking over (1:02 - 2:51). The girls interview Hinch and Rossi, asking the stuff everyone wants to know: "Have you googled yourself?" "Do you talk to you exes?" "How'd you get into racing?" "Do you talk to your exes?" "Seriously, do you talk to your exes?" (2:52 - 7:03). More questions: have you ever had a teammate you've found attractive? In their future life, who wouldn't want to come back as a Hunter-Reay? (7:04 - 13:03). The guys talk about their plans after racing, and the Better Halves talk about how they and the other spouses/significant others deal with the anxiety of race days and wrecks {spoiler alert: it's wine} (13:04 - 21:19). Alex and James talk about what they have left to accomplish in racing, and their personal lives, then the guys turn the question around on the girlfriends (21:20 - 36:38). Battle Royale: US Presidents, no one picks Teddy off the bat {because they're insane}; Thim lets his preferences be known too early, so we're leaving the decision to Twitter (36:39 - 43:18). Outro and Credits (43:19 - 44:48).


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