NIACW 196 Driving Miss Daisy

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Apr 16, 20171h 9m
NIACW 196 Driving Miss Daisy
Apr 16 '171h 9m
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Driving Miss Daisy is a charming movie with very little action and not a lot of dialogue but plenty of tension and fantastic acting.  Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy, and Dan Ackroyd all do stellar work.  Brother J expresses his love for composer Hans Zimmer.


They also discuss Good Times; Passengers; Winter’s Bone; Rango; Better Call Saul, the Americans, and Rosie Perez’s masterworks: White Men Can’t Jump, Untamed Heart, Fearless, and Dancing With the Devil.


In housekeeping they discuss Eric’s conspiracy theories, United Airlines, and Bill O’Reilly. Brother J revives an old segment “toenail talk,” and Drew and Eric yes-and’s into gross true stories.


Brother J has a rant about Apple Music and teaches us about Pandora while introducing us to Hugo’s 99 Problems. Brother J introduces us of Siafu. Check out the video link and good luck sleeping.


Toenail Talk begins about 40:00


Siafu - Army Ants of Tanzania

Hugo - 99 Problems

Lizard People (Comedy Podcast)


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