Listen to This if You’ve Ever Fibbed and Said You’re OK When You’re Not

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Oct 8, 201832m
Listen to This if You’ve Ever Fibbed and Said You’re OK When You’re Not
Oct 8 '1832m
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People are constantly labeling people who live with mental illness as dramatic, liars, and actors. Society, in general, often thinks people who live with bipolar, schizophrenia, and depression are being insincere when it comes to their illnesses.

The reality is that people with mental illness are often being misleading, just not in the way most people think. They will say they are “fine” when they are not. They say they’ll be okay, when they don’t believe that at all.

These people don’t want to lose friends or alienate people, and they are afraid of being judged. By saying they are okay when, in fact, they aren’t, they can keep the status quo. And while the status quo might not be all that great, at least they have someone asking if they are okay – and that beats accidentally running them off.

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Highlights from ‘Fibbed About Being OK’ Episode

[0:30] Gabe and Michelle discuss lying about their mental illnesses.

[7:00] What should we do better in a crisis situation?

[12:30] How did Gabe end up in the psych ward?

[22:00] How do friends and family help in crisis situations?

[26:00] Continue to educate yourself about mental illness, even after you have recovered.

[29:00] Can anyone have a panic attack?

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