Goal Setting When You live with Mental Illness

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Sep 24, 201826m
Goal Setting When You live with Mental Illness
Sep 24 '1826m
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Everyone, of every age and from every walk of life, has goals. Sometimes they are life goals (like get married and raise a family), career goals (such as start and run a successful company), or daily goals (as in just getting through the day). People with mental illness have all those, too, but often have specific goals related to their particular mental illness.

In this episode, Gabe and Michelle share some of their personal goals, talk about how those goals have changed over time, and discuss why goals themselves are important – especially for those of us living with mental illness.

Highlights from ‘Goals with Mental Illness’ Episode

[:30] Michelle and Gabe designed a shirt! (And you can buy it here!)

[2:00] Discussing the goals we have in our lives, careers, and advocacy.

[7:00] Gabe and Michelle would both love to not be mentally ill.

[14:00] Discussing unreached goals.

[20:00] Acknowledging the goals that got us to this point in our lives.

[22:00] People with mental illness make future plans, too.

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