Ep. 36 | Gabbagoo

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Jan 5, 20191h 18m
Ep. 36 | Gabbagoo
Jan 51h 18m
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It's officially 2019. 2018 was a weird one, but lots of great things happened. Let's Ruin Our Childhood officially has 50 episodes, NO SLEEP sold out the Kum & Go Theater, and AJ made good on his word and officially attended the McGrane family Christmas. We talk about the future, migraines, and A LOT of The Sopranos. Cohosts: Toll McGrane, Aaron VanPelt Let's Ruin Our Childhood Podcast: www.letsruinourchildhood.com www.blackcaticecream.com/ NO SLEEP: facebook.com/NOSLEEPDSM Intro Song: smarturl.it/dom_stressedout

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