New Stories, Bold Legends: Stories from Sydney Lunar Festival

New Stories, Bold Legends: Stories from Sydney Lunar Festival

Published by: Valerie Khoo
14 Episodes | First Released: Jan 18 '19
From artists to brain surgeons, fashion designers to board directors – this series brings you the unique stories of people who celebrate Lunar New Year. Hosted by Valerie Khoo – Curator of the City of Sydney's annual Sydney Lunar Festival – it’s a journey into the Asian Australian experience. You’ll discover the personalities and passions of people who meld their cultural traditions with the sunburnt country that they call home.
Jan 24 '19
Rating:   8
Love the fresh take on multicultural Aussies

Valerie,Great opening Interview with a brain surgeon!I'm looking forward to working through the series and gettign a fuller view of Australia’s Lunar Chinese in the YOTP.

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Jan 21 '19
Rating:   10
Fascinating insight

I love this podcast - what a fascinating insight into the many different experiences of Asian Australians... such a great line up of guests, and a lively, astute interviewer.

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