- The Technology Show for the not-so-geeky. - The Technology Show for the not-so-geeky.

Published by: Ben Freedman & Heather Driscoll
10 Episodes | First Released: Dec 12 '11 is the "Technology Show for the Not-So-Geeky"... Each week Ben Freedman and Heather Driscoll spotlight new and innovative techno-gadgets from two very different viewpoints. - channels-verification: d00904ee05e3
Just Bob Pro
Oct 2 '08
Rating:   10
I enjoy it

I could find reasons not to like this podcast but I still enjoy it. I think any podcast that makes you look forward to the next episode is a good one and this one does it.

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Nov 18 '07
Rating:   4
Time to unsubscribe

I've been watching this for the last 3 months or so but now it's time to go....

Boxing gloves are in the logo and the word "fight" is in the title. There is not really any opinion going on here, just review after review... I expected to hear Tiffany lash out at Ben every now and then trying to understand why he would want to by something. Instead it seems like Ben is trying to educate Tiffany on different products and to be honest I don't know if she "gets it".

Great production for the show but I expected more clashing opinions and discussion about why the opinions clashed. Good show if you want to hear about product reviews.

Maybe they should change the title to "Neo-Review".

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chicago jae
May 10 '06
Rating:   6
good show

Just heard about this on Leo's KFI podcast. This is great. i like it. The mix of geek to realisit is a nice ballance and the two hosts do a good job with their dialogue and the production is very professional looking. Great job.

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Apr 28 '06
Rating:   6
Not for geeks really....

good production quality, but the hosts seem a little uptight, and the stories they cover aren't really as interesting or informative as TWIT or diggnation. the stuff they talk about, I feel like I already know and have opinions on.

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