Beyond Naschy #11 - CROSS OF THE DEVIL (1975)

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Aug 28, 20142h 39m
Beyond Naschy #11 - CROSS OF THE DEVIL (1975)
Aug 28 '142h 39m
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CROSS OF THE DEVIL is one of the more controversial entries in Paul Naschy's credits. He has co-writing credit but has no onscreen role or any other behind the scenes position either. As we talk about this interesting Spanish gothic we detail the he said/she said aspect of how, at the height of his popularity and box office appeal, Naschy ended up on the outside of this project looking in - and throwing stones! Director John Gilling has a history of making fine horror films for Hammer and other British studios but this was to be his only Spanish production and the behind the scenes shenanigans might have been the reason why. This was a dream project for Naschy as he desired to make a film from some of the stories of Spanish poet and writer Gustavo Adolfo B

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