SpEdEp 32 – Jeremy Runnells CES Letter

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Oct 21, 20161h 51m
SpEdEp 32 – Jeremy Runnells CES Letter
Oct 21 '161h 51m
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On this episode, we finally have a conversation with Jeremy Runnells, author of the “Letter to a CES Director.” In 2013, Jeremy made waves in Mormon communities when he released his open letter to a CES director. After refutation and refutation of the refutation, the church decided that Jeremy was too cancerous to keep as a member and held a tribunal to excommunicate him, but Jeremy beat them to it. During the video of the excommunication, Jeremy says he’s excommunicating the church from his life and that this is a kangaroo court, truer words never spoken. Jeremy has been the tip of the spear piercing the fragile ribcage of Mormon apologetics for the past 3 years, we owe him a massive debt of gratitude.

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