Ep 139 – A City of Glass Houses

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Jan 30, 20191h 31m
Ep 139 – A City of Glass Houses
Jan 301h 31m
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On this episode, Jo was safe for a little while. It was time for the 1843 elections which returned predictable results. Jo elevates the Nauvoo House to the importance of the Nauvoo Temple, but then derides people for aggrandizing themselves. A market center is planned and Jo is given final decision-making power as Mayor. Then Jo goes to the Temple construction site and makes a speech that reveals some interesting details of his character. After that we get a great update on Brother Jake, and then take a turn into somber territory to say goodbye to a dear friend, Deborah “Heretic Woman” Mc Taggart. Last 15 mins contain explicit language.


Lucien Woodworth

Have I Done Any Good?

Will Lamartine Thompson

Deborah “Heretic Woman” Mc Taggart
AOA Beyond the Trailer Park

Full Quranic

Holy Crap Vlogcast

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