B-Sides IV

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Feb 11, 20191h 7m
B-Sides IV
Feb 111h 7m
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We're wrapping up another season of "Music Raygun" with our fourth B-sides episode. Twice a year, we look back on the previous six months' worth of episodes and revisit those topics for one more video clip each. Something that almost made the cut the first time around, something we forgot the first time, or something new we've discovered since. This time, you'll find B-sides for "Zbigniew Rybczynski," "New Jack Swing," "Off-Brand Picks," "TV Theme Music," "Bass," "Nile Rodgers," "Halloween II," "Dance III," "Boy Bands" and "Janet Jackson." To see the videos we watch in this episode, visit musicraygun.com/playlists.

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