#21 - Canal Killers - Sebastiano Magnanini

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Mar 15, 201846m
#21 - Canal Killers - Sebastiano Magnanini
Mar 15 '1846m
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On the evening of Tuesday 22nd September 2015, Italian tour-guide and English teacher Sebastiano Magnanini was last seen alive walking by King’s Cross Station. Two days later, his decomposing body was found dead in the Regent’s Canal, having been tied to a shopping trolley. But what happened?

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Murder Mile is researched, written and performed by Michael J Buchanan-Dunne of Murder Mile Walks with music written and performed by Erik Stein and Jon Boux of Cult With No Name with additional music by Kai Engel, Seclorance and NCTRNM, as used under the Creative Commons Licence 4.0 (Attribution) via Free Music Archive http://freemusicarchive.org . A full listing of tracks used is on the script transcript and sources for each episode, as listed here

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