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MWH 175 : How To Tap Into Your Big Vision with Melanie Moore of Big Vision TV
Mar 24 '1953m
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How To Tap Into Your Big Vision There are so many possibilities that are available to you and I in this one amazing life that we get to live, so I'm inviting today's guest to inspire you to take action and tap into your big vision! If you're interested in manifesting whatever your heart desires, then this is an episode that you want to dive into. LET'S GET INTO IT Today's episode is going to help open your mind to several blocks that you may have, so you can move from where you are now to where you want to be! Today's guest is Melanie Moore! Melanie helps impact driven visionaries transcend their limiting beliefs, so that they can gain the clarity they need to fully commit to their vision and impact their world. She is a mindset coach who helps her clients to Tap Into their Big Vision. Melanie helps you set crazy goals and then guides you on the path to achieving them, through the art of visualisation combined with the power of Emotional Freedom Technique AKA tapping. She is recognized as an authority on Vision Boards, holding workshops for both individuals and corporate companies. She is the creator of, Tapping Into Abundance and Tapping Into Your Big Vision online programmes and is currently writing her first book Tapping into Your Big Vision. THE RECAP During this episode, Melanie is going to share how she built her empire as a single mum, while also sharing insight into how she helps entrepreneurs clear the blocks that are standing in their way so they can live a crazy successful life! 1. Introducing Melanie! Melanie is seriously amazing, and I love her mindset around manifestation and abundance! Key Points We Discussed: Who is Melanie? What is Melanie's biz journey? How did Melanie found her biz? 2. Tapping Tapping is best described as a cross between acpuncture and psychology, but instead of needles we use our fingers to stimulate accupressure points. As we talk and tap, we are sending calming signals to the part of the brain that controls the fight or flight response. In this section, Melanie is discussing what tapping is and how to use it to your advantage. Key Points We Discussed: What is tapping best known for helping? Stress. Anxiety. Phobias. How does Melanie use tapping? What client example can Melanie share? Why is it important to focus on what you want? Why you should have a vision board? 3. Abundance I’m all about leading an abundant life! In this section, Melanie is sharing the importance of tapping into your abundance. Key Points We Discussed: How can you begin tapping into abundance? In what ways do our emotions and limited beliefs around money impact us? How can we fix our money mindset? Identify your feelings around money. Identify your limiting beliefs around money. Write out a new money story for yourself. Ask yourself: What is a new monthly income goal you would like to achieve? What does this new monthly figure enable you to do? How is this having a ripple effect on her entire family?? WRAP UP This episode was sponsored by the Social Method Society. The doors to SMS are opening soon so if you don't want to miss out this time, because it's not always open, you can put your name down on the waitlist. My waitlist friends get access to exclusive pricing BEFORE I open the doors to the wider public at the full price. Get on the waitlist now! CONNECT WITH MELANIE Melanie has a course called Tapping Into Your Big Vision. It is not a multi module course that you will lose interest in half way; it is designed to be completed in a few days. The course helps you get clear on your big vision, clear your energy and prepare to make a truly epic vision board. You can learn more about the course HERE. Website: Instagram: @iammelaniemoore Facebook: @iammelaniemoore Melanie has a free Facebook community that you can join!   CONNECT WITH ME Web: www.

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