MWH 154 : Overcoming Fears to Grow Your Business With Confidence with Stacy Tuschl of She’s Building Her Empire

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Oct 21, 201828m
MWH 154 : Overcoming Fears to Grow Your Business With Confidence with Stacy Tuschl of She’s Building Her Empire
Oct 21 '1828m
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Overcoming Fears to Grow Your Business With Confidence We all want to have an impact, that's why we're mums with hustle! We are hustling to change the world and make a difference in our tribe's lives. But in order to have impact, you've got to bust through your fears and start growing your business with CONFIDENCE. I'm super excited to share today's episode with you because today's guest is phenomenal and a total wealth of knowledge. LET'S GET INTO IT I am all about helping women unapologetically be themselves and build their empires, most of them with a baby on their hip, and so it's my pleasure to be interviewing today's guest who is also extremely passionate about doing the same for female entrepreneurs! Today's guest is Stacy Tuschl. Stacy is the founder and creator of She’s Building Her Empire where she helps empower women to raise their standards in business and in life. She started her first business in her parents’ backyard and turned her hobby into a seven-figure company she still runs today. This amazing biz lady is a podcaster, bestselling author, wife and mom of two. THE RECAP During this episode, Stacy is going to spill some actionable tips to help you overcome fear while growing your business and team effectively, and why she believes you must start using video and live video in your marketing strategy. 1. Introducing Stacy! Stacy is quite the definition of an entrepreneur who has diversified her life. I can't wait for you to get to know her! Key Points We Discussed: Who is Stacy Tuschl? What is Stacy's biz journey? How did Stacy found her biz? 2. Growing Your Business Growing your business means you have to bust through your fears to have impact and you've got to get comfortable delegating and outsourcing. Yep, you've got to start growing your team! Key Points We Discussed: What fears did Stacy struggle with when growing her business? How can you overcome fears to grow your business? Put yourself out there. Fall in love with your vision more than your fear of putting yourself out there. Surround yourself with people doing big things Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Why should you focus on growing your team? What are Stacy's top tips for growing a team? 3. Going Live I'm a huge fan of live video and utilising it to create authentic and meaningful relationships with my tribe. In this section, Stacy is going to share her insight into why she loves going Live and what her best tips are to help you master hitting that live button. Key Points We Discussed: Why is live video the fastest way to connect with your audience? How is using video essential for your marketing strategy? What are Stacy's top tips for going live? Challenge yourself, start with going live 1x per week. Start pre-recording videos if live scares you. Don’t focus on the numbers. Use interviews as a way to make connections. BONUS Stacy is offering Mums With Hustle Podcast listeners access to her FREE Masterclass: Stacy's 4 Step Framework to a Digital Product that Sells!   WRAP UP Huge thank you to Stacy for being an amazing podcast guest and touching on so many important topics! As always, if you're feeling brave I want you to take a picture of you or your surroundings, yourself or your surroundings and tag me @mumswithhustle in your Instagram Stories showing me how you get your hustle on - 'cause hustling is NOT a dirty word. Don’t miss out of what hundreds of women are already accessing to build the business of their dreams and create the life they desire! Join the waitlist for the next intake of my Social Method Society which re-opens in November. Anyone who is on the waitlist, is entered into the draw to win a year's membership into the society for FREE! CONNECT WITH STACY Stacy would love for you to connect with her and tune into the She's Building Her Empire Podcast! Website: Instagram: @stacytuschl Facebook: @stacytuschl Podcast: She's Building Her Empire Podcast

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