MWH 106 : The Secrets To Building A Wholly Healthy Empire with Kimmy Smith of Fit Mummy Project

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Oct 22, 201749m
MWH 106 : The Secrets To Building A Wholly Healthy Empire with Kimmy Smith of Fit Mummy Project
Oct 22 '1749m
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The Secrets To Building A Wholly Healthy Empire Being a bizmum is tough, but so rewarding! You're always juggling littles, email, social media, and constantly running around. There is barely enough time left over in the day to warm up your cup of tea, let alone sneak in some time to work on your fitness. As a huge fan of living a wholly healthy life, today's podcast guest is going to give us a glimpse into how we can build an empire while simultaneously feeling beautiful, strong, and fit after giving birth. THIS WEEK'S PODCAST This episode is proudly brought to you by Hipster Mum (AKA Jade Warne)! Hipster Mum is your fun and creative go-to for all things branded photography and content. Take action and invest in yourself by getting in touch with Jade! View her portfolio here. Kimberley Smith became a personal trainer and yoga teacher that specialises in postnatal fitness after spending 10-plus years as a professional athlete. She used her passion for fitness to start her biz the Fit Mummy Project, an online hub for all things postnatal fitness and well-being. Kimmy, a mum to two little girls, realised the difficulty mums have to really find the time and funds to go to the gym. She solved this issue by creating her very own app: the Fit Mummy Project App which allows mums to do high-quality postnatal workouts from home in a safe and positive way without having to spend a fortune on exercise classes and programs. Today, Kimmy is going to share her secrets that empower mums to feel confident, healthy, and strong. Welcome to the virtual couch, Kimmy! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN How to feel strong, fit, and beautiful after giving birth Why well-being isn't just one thing Ways to create varied content on your website How to plan your blog content for the entire year What you need to do to find balance with work, fitness, and littles How to design an app for your biz A secret workout for bizmums How do you want to feel? THE LOW DOWN ON WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT Kimmy's journey from start to finish Easy-to-follow advice to start feeling good about yourself Ways to find balance between content that inspires you and still connects with your tribe Why you should try the process of brain-dumping all of your blog ideas Why you need clarity (more than anything) to find balance in your life Daily hacks to help you find balance in your life Kimmy's process for creating the Fit Mummy Project App What the Mums With Hustle Workout is Come up with 3 words to how you want to feel, break them down into the necessary chunks to help you take action. It's not selfish to take care of yourself. It's one of the most empowering things you can do. - Kimmy Smith BONUS Snag 30% off of the Fit Mummy Project Guides with promo code: mumswithhustle WHAT'S NEXT FOR KIMMY? Kimmy is about to launch a new core recovery program within the FMP App to heal stomach separation, and to promote healing after a C-Section. She's also working on some new apps. CONNECT WITH KIMMY Web: Facebook: @fitmummysquad Instagram: @kimmysmithfit Twitter: @kimmysmithfit CONNECT WITH ME Web: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Biz Club: P.S. Love MWH Podcasts? Review me on ITunes!

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