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MWH 093 : How To Break The Business Mould With Jenna Van Bentum From The World And
Jul 23 '171h 1m
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HOW TO BREAK THE BUSINESS MOULD WITH JENNA VAN BENTRUM It goes without saying that launching a business is hard work. Creating a business model that is a complete change from the norm is even tougher! Not only are you without ‘likeminded’ businesses to draw inspiration from, you’re totally in the dark about past successes and failure of businesses in the field. Today’s guest has well and truly put in the hard yards to launch a unique business that delivers to her target demographic.   THIS WEEK’S PODCAST Jenna Van Bentum is the founder of The World And. The World And is a travel planning biz with a twist. Concentrating on travelling with kids, The World And serves a unique niche which I’m sure we’ll ALL find super relevant. Jenna has been planning and booking travel for herself and others for over 10 years, travelled to 31 different countries (and counting). Jenna has so much knowledge on business, particularly building a niched business which I can’t wait to hear about. Welcome to the virtual couch, Jenna!   WHAT YOU WILL LEARN How to branch out and follow a path less travelled in business How to rest your business model and strategise for success How to travel with kids   A LOWDOWN ON WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT Jenna’s Biz Journey - From start to launch! Handy advice to fellow biz mums, "Write your vision down, know why it is that you’re doing things different and stick to it." All things business - From models to strategies to even pricing. And all things travel related, of course!   BONUS! Jenna is offering MWH listeners 10% off their itinerary package price! Just mention the podcast when you enquire via the website: www.theworldand.com   CONNECT WITH JENNA Web: www.theworldand.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/theworldandkids Facebook: www.facebook.com/theworldandkids Thanks for joining us Jenna! CONNECT WITH ME Web: http://www.mumswithhustle.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mumswithhustle/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/mumswithhustle Twitter: https://twitter.com/MumsWithHustle Biz Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mumswithhustle/ P.S. Love MWH Podcasts? Review me on ITunes! 

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