May 7, 201750m
MWH 082 : The Advantages Of Failing Fast With Peta & Rowena of Mother + Joey
May 7 '1750m
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The Advantages Of Failing Fast WITH PETA & ROWENA OF MOTHER + JOEY I handpicked today’s guest’s as their business REALLY stood out to me. I first met them at a Flatlay & Collaborate workshop where I was a guest speaker and I was instantly attracted to their biz vibe. These ladies quickly caught onto the importance of hashtags to up their Insta game and have experienced amazing success. Peta is here today to share all of their learnings with us this week. Get a pen and paper handy because this podcast is full of valuable advice! THIS WEEK’S PODCAST Peta & Rowena are the founders of Mother + Joey. Mother + Joey is a proudly Australian womens and children's clothing brand. Each piece is designed and tested in the Hunter Valley, and tailor made from hand-selected fabrics including soft linens, fine cottons and locally sourced leather. Peta & Rowena are filled with knowledge on launching a business and she has many pearls of wisdom to share with us. Welcome to the podcast Peta & Rowena!   WHAT YOU WILL LEARN The Advantages Of Failing Fast in business and how it can be of benefit How strategic hashtags can transform your Instagram game What to invest in when you first start out Key Learnings in the startup phase A LOWDOWN ON WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT Peta & Rowena’s biz journey How MWH has supported Peta & Rowena through their startup journey CONNECT WITH PETA & ROWENA Web: Instagram: Facebook: BONUS ALL of us here at MWH will receive 10% off EVERYTHING in store indefinitely! Just use the code ‘TWINNING’ at checkout. SHOP HERE A massive thanks Peta & Rowena. It’s been an absolute pleasure having you on the podcast this week! CONNECT WITH ME Web: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Biz Club: P.S. Love MWH Podcasts? Review me on ITunes! 

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