MWH 056: How to Frustrate Your Instagram Followers (Part 2)
Oct 23 '1624m
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HOW TO FRUSTRATE YOUR INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS (PART 2) As you may have guessed, we're ALL ABOUT Instagram here at Mums with Hustle. We've just completed our FREE 5 Day Instagram Challenge and I wanted to say a MASSIVE thanks to all you biz mums who participated! I've been tagged in some STELLAR posts and watched the Facebook Biz Club thrive throughout. If you missed it, never fear! We've just opened enrolment to our Hashtag Hustle course! In a nutshell, Hashtag Hustle is the ultimate success path to Instagram for biz, it will help you with SO much; hashtags, defining your niche and target audience, how to create a kick-ass content strategy and how to craft KILLER captions. At this stage, it's only open to those who completed the 5 Day Instagram Challenge and will open to everyone else in the next couple of days. Watch that inbox for your exclusive invitation. THIS WEEK’S PODCAST So last week we covered the TOP 5 Ways to Frustrate your followers. We chatted about your posting habits, your etiquette, your hashtags, your feed and your branding. It was pretty real, open and honest (that's how I roll) and this week will be no different. We're going to get into the real nitty gritty and discuss some sure-fire ways you are annoying the bejuzus out of your followers. I know, sometimes this stuff is hard to hear but I PROMISE, you'll be thankful you heard it from me NOW rather than someone else later. Think of all the time and EFFORT you put into your Insta account. You want it to convert right? Well stick with me because with some actionable nips here and tucks there, you will be rewarded. 3 AREAS I’M GOING TO GET TRUTHFUL ABOUT IN THIS EPISODE ARE: 1. CONTENT - variation is key here and I'm really going to deep dive into WHAT kinds of content your followers actually want to see. 2. PERSONAL POSTS - don't hate me but unless you're a bit of a celeb and have a mammoth following already, peeps aren't really interested in your family outings. Don't hate me! Listen to the podcast and I'll tell you why. 3. LOVE - Instagram is not a 'set and forget' platform. Honestly, if the love isn't flowing from you it won't be flowing back to you. We're going to talk about loving with purpose today so your efforts are noticed by the right people. BONUSES How to Create Epic Instagram Tiles Like a Pro!  Remember, if you missed last weeks podcast, you can access it here. There are 5 ACTIONABLE Insta Tips awaiting you my friend! If you haven't yet subscribed to our emails and you'd love to hear more about Hashtag Hustle, you can subscribe here and grab yourself a freebie at the same time :) CONNECT WITH ME! Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Biz Club P.S. Love MWH Podcasts? Review me on iTunes! This weeks Sponsor  Always and Forever Styling. Having beautiful images of your products for your website, Instagram or Facebook can be a challenging task and a very costly one! I’m not just talking about financial cost either. It can take hours to get the perfect shot! That's where Always & Forever Styling can help you. Beck will take photos of your product in a bedroom setup, as a flatlay, a shelfie, pure product photos or tailor a package for you that includes everything. For as little as $25 each, you’ll be able to have beautifully styled images of your product alongside the products of other talented makers, creators, business buddies. If you want to be as proud of your images as you are of your product and your business, then get in touch with Beck and score yourself 5% off just for being a MWH when you book before 7th Nov. Connect with Beck at www.alwaysandforeverstyling.com.au or find her on Instagram @alwaysandforever_styling

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