Dec 6, 201542m
MWH 011 : Product Pricing – What are you really worth? Jess Simpson (Bespoke Moments)
Dec 6 '1542m
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This week on the podcast I am joined by Jess, a Mum of 2 and owner of Bespoke Moments; a boutique design brand specialising in custom prints and events stationary. Jess’ business story is one that grew naturally when she combined her skills and interest with a need. Product pricing is another area Jess quickly identified as a something she had to adjust. If you’ve wondered about your product pricing, then listen in for some great insights into what you need to consider when pricing your products. Jess is a pro at running market stalls but only after encountering a few bumps along the way, which she gladly shares with us too. Join us as we talk honestly about her approach for attracting the right followers on social media and turning them into customers, strategies for continuing the conversation with customers she meets at the markets and her tips for being ‘found’ online (even when you’re in a crowded niche).   Product pricing - why it’s so important SEO - outsourcing it if necessary! Collaborating with local businesses The benefits of having a brand rep Social media learnings   Resourses metioned in the podcast Connect up with Bespoke Moments at: Facebook Instagram Bespoke Moments Website Special deal for MWH Audience: Jess will be offering 15% off in the new year. We will keep you updated!

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