Nov 22, 201552m
MWH 009 : How To Run A Facebook Ad That Works! With Brianna Fear – Keen (Emby Love)
Nov 22 '1552m
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In this episode I'm joined by Brianna Fear-Keen, from Emby Love. Brianna is a Mum of two and a proud business owner within the handmade movement. She shares her highs and lows of her business journey, and provides us with actionable steps on how to make a start on your own handmade biz on a budget. Brianna has utilised Webinars and networked with fellow mums in business to seize opportunities and get her product out there! She is active on the market scene but also loves interacting with her followers via social media. Listen in to hear about how Brianna has to made Facebook Ads work for her. Starting a handmade business on a budget. Strategies for making Facebook Ads work. Lessons learned from manufacturing overseas. Getting your product out there, social media and markets.   CONNECT UP WITH EMBY LOVE: Facebook Instagram Emby Love Website SPECIAL DEAL FOR MWH: Brianna is offering 15% off all orders when you enter the code MWH15 for 48 hours (Valid until 25/11/2015) Just head to the website -

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