Podcast 88: Dicks, Burritos and Beer

Episode of: Motorcycles & Misfits

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May 4, 20151h 8m
Podcast 88: Dicks, Burritos and Beer
May 4 '151h 8m
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This week on our motorcycle podcast, there's a whole lotta dicking going on. But we also managed to get some wrenching done. Mike talks about painting for the first time, then we get to know listener Isaiah who dropped in to meet the gang. Next, Adrian asks everyone what their favorite motorcycle videos are, and then Liza plays a round of Motorcycle, Pokemon or .Com Startup. We finish up with some interesting motorcycle news. With Liza, Bagel, Adrian, Zach, Justin, Nak, Mason, Isaiah, Mike and James. Call and leave us a message at 831-291-5112 motorcyclesandmisfits.com www.facebook.com/recyclesantacruz recyclesantacruz on youtube recyclemotorcyclegarage@gmail.com

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