Podcast 228: The "One" Bike

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Nov 13, 20171h 37m
Podcast 228: The "One" Bike
Nov 13 '171h 37m
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This week on our motorcycle podcast we: -Hear from Bex who did her first engine pull and autopsy -Get to know Jon from Vermont and Julio from South Africa, who both stopped by to hang out with the Misfits. -Kat gives us an update on the changes to the 2018 line of Zero motorcycles -Bagel shares his opinion on the announcement of the new electric Vespa scooter -Emma defends her belief that the Honda PC800 is one of the best bikes she's owned -We go around the room to find out what everyone's "under the butt" bike is -Answer listener emails With Liza, Bagel, Saunya, Henry, Charley, Nak, Segoline, Miss Emma, Jon, Julio, Bex, Naked Jim, Isaac, Kat, Cody and Award Winning Mike. www.ciro3d.com/ www.zazzle.com/recyclegarage/products Call and leave us a message at 831-291-5112 Go to www.motorcyclesandmisfits.com to find the links to our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Patreon and more. And send us an email at recyclemotorcyclegarage@gmail.com

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