Podcast 172: Hare Scrambled

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Nov 14, 20161h 36m
Podcast 172: Hare Scrambled
Nov 14 '161h 36m
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This week on our motorcycle podcast, we hear from Douglas and Charley who competed in their first hare scramble. Then we play a round of Micah Lies, where she gives facts about Travis Pastrana. All are real, but one is not, and the gang has to figure out the lie. Then we talk about small project bikes, cafe racers, and the 7 hottest bikes to come out of EICMA 2016. Lastly we finish up with emails and some news. With Liza, Douglas, Charley, Micah, Nak, Bagel, Chris, Kat, Zach, Isaac, Chuck and Evan. Call and leave us a message at 831-291-5112 Recycle Santa Cruz Facebook page Recycle Santa Cruz on YouTube Patreon Motorcycles & Misfits recyclemotorcyclegarage@gmail.com

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