Podcast 125: City Bike Editor Surj Gish

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Jan 11, 20161h 19m
Podcast 125: City Bike Editor Surj Gish
Jan 11 '161h 19m
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This week on our motorcycle podcast Charley gets the special star for getting an old piece of crap scooter running again, and then doing burnouts around the parking lot. Next up we find out what's in the box, a package sent to us from the Creative Riding Podcast. We couldn't be more flattered with this wonderful gift. Then we get to know Surj, who is the head mofo in charge at City Bike magazine, California's longest-running and most-respected free regional motorcycling publication. He is doing great things and shares with us his work as an advocate for lane splitting ,as well as other topics he is currently working on. With Liza, Zach, Stan, Bagel, Nak, Douglas, Surj, Angelica, Charley, Jim and a sleeping Lucas. http://lanesplittingislegal.com citybike.com Call and leave us a message at 831-291-5112 motorcyclesandmisfits.com www.facebook.com/recyclesantacruz recyclesantacruz on youtube recyclemotorcyclegarage@gmail.com

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