MOMsters & MOMbies House Problems

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Oct 19, 201842m
MOMsters & MOMbies House Problems
Oct 19 '1842m
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We're gearing up for Halloween, but first some catching up! Jodie is new to the world of letting her kids sleepover, so Carrie fills her in on their house rules. Controversy may arise as we talk about our feelings on Harry Potter, but just you wait to see who stops by! Is it Michael J Fox? Doc? Just another day in the life of having your day f@cked up when your partner DARES to enter your space. We know you get it! Thanks to our incredible sponsor this week...LOLA! Go to and use code MOMSOTR for 40% off your subscription. For real, we're both real-life customers! Find Carrie & Jodie on IG & Twitter @MomsOTR Find Carrie @SipShinePod and Sip and Shine Podcast Find Jodie @RealiTVpod and RealiTV Podcast For questions & suggestions, email or

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