46: This Mom's Mission

Episode of: Moms on the Rocks

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May 17, 201935m
46: This Mom's Mission
May 1735m
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This episode will save lives. Do you know what to do if there is a life-threatening emergency? Jodie's bestie Jackie shares the story of her son's drowning on vacation in Florida in November 2018\. He survived because of CPR-trained strangers, incredible doctors & nurses, his loving family, and sprinkles of miracles throughout. This isn't just a story of survival and warnings, it's a call to action. Are you prepared? Visit www.poolsafetyplan.com for free resources. Contact Jackie directly at PoolSafetyPlan@gmail.com with questions and opportunities to collaborate and spread the word! ************************************************************************ Visit www.mylola.com and enter MomsOTR to save 40% off all subscriptions

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