MixCoach Podcast 111: Interview with David Stagl

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Mar 6, 201748m
MixCoach Podcast 111: Interview with David Stagl
Mar 6 '1748m
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This podcast is a little different than most of the MixCoach Podcasts.  It's in depth and quite a bit longer than my regular podcasts.  Let me know what you think of the longer format. In this episode, I get the opportunity to talk to David about the parallels of mixing in the studio and mixing Front Of House. We also talk about: The McGurk Effect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtsfidRq2tw   Heil PR22 vs. SM57 (you be the judge) https://youtu.be/G1WcaNiUc28?t=1m13s   If you have questions, go to http://mixcoach.com/questions and leave us questions if you have them.   Also, if you'd like some cool files to mix to get the core of mixing under your belt, a GREAT place (in my humble opinion) is at http://mixcoachmember.com   Thanks for listening    

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