Think It, Build It, Ship It

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Dec 19, 201817m
Think It, Build It, Ship It
Dec 19 '1817m
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This is the story of a man who found early success then faced a crippling depression, sold all of his things, and moved to a small cabin in the woods.

We are excited to announce that The Story Podcast was named by Apple in their Best of 2018 Collection. We are beyond grateful and thankful to all of you, our listeners, for helping us achieve this great accomplishment!

To celebrate, we are running the best episodes from the current and past seasons of The Story this holiday season. Each episode of The Story lets you walk a mile in the shoes of a heroine or hero, and the person’s identity is a mystery until the climax. These stories will give you a positive mindset shift and let you see how accessible greatness is and what it looks like in the process.

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