Secrets Exist. Here's How To Find Them.

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May 12, 201815m
Secrets Exist. Here's How To Find Them.
May 12 '1815m
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In this episode, we make a case that:

Secrets exist. Many of them are closer to you than you might think, and by finding them (even small ones), you can materially improve your life. 

One of the best places to find secrets is by studying, "the story behind the story" of great people and victories. 

We cover how to get started looking for secrets there, and why this process is hidden and rarely discussed. 

Most of the media isn’t focused on telling you HOW great achievements were won. In fact, 95% of media outlets, non-fiction writing, and news about great achievements and entrepreneurs glosses over, or completely ignores, how great achievements were won.

Secrets exist. Subscribe, tune in, and let's figure out where the secrets are in your own life and how you can capitalize on them.

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