MisfitsAudio Productions » Jim Nolan Private Eye

MisfitsAudio Productions » Jim Nolan Private Eye

Published by: Mike Murphy
25 Episodes | First Released: May 4 '09
Audio Drama for everyone
Molly, NYC
Jun 27 '16
Rating:   2
Don't bother. Surprisingly terrible

Before I started to write this review, no joke, I checked the website to be sure that it wasn't an exercise by young children, developmentally disabled folks, or others from whom these cardboard characters, lack of plot, incessant clichés and mind-numbingly bad writing might be expected. Sadly, the staff are all putative adults, who should know (for example) that you can't make a bad script acceptable by claiming that it's "humor."(Also, there's this thing called "editing." It's too complex to explain here, but it's the opposite of the Misfits' approach, which is apparently to include every precious little thought, phrase or word that ever occurred to you in the final piece.)

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Sep 18 '12
Rating:   10
So much fun, don't pass this up

Creative, entertaining. Listening you can hear the talent and commitment of every one involved.. Thank you all.

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