Imperial Service Announcement

Episode of: Misfits of Space

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Jan 25, 20180m
Imperial Service Announcement
Jan 25 '180m
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Are you an alien wondering where you fit in the Galactic Empire?  Wonder no more!  Thanks to the foresight of Moff Purnod, you too have a part to play in securing our galaxy against the predations of the vicious rebel forces.  With the Imperial Internal Defense Force, you can play a part on any one of the hundreds of systems that make up our Empire.

Opportunities abound for credit-worthy members of the many alien races within our Galaxy to show that they’re ready to take on the challenge of being a worthy resident of the Empire!  Not only can you prove your bravery and worth, but you can also gain valuable training and experience that you can use after your tours of duty to build a life for yourself and your fellow aliens. 

There’s no need to wait for an invitation!  Offices are being opened throughout the Empire where you can meet with brave and honored Imperial troopers and officers who are ready to welcome you into the ranks of the Imperial Internal Defense Force.  Join today!

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