Episode 04: The 11 Essentials of Leadership

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Feb 21, 201922m | se1 : e4
Episode 04: The 11 Essentials of Leadership
Feb 21 '1922m | se1e4
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In this episode, Our focus will be on leadership and the challenges facing marketing and sales leaders when it comes to change. Change is everywhere, it is constant, and, it evolving rapidly and it's everywhere. Dennis will share how you can look at change, how, as a leader can you  deal with and manage change?


Dennis Brouwer
CEO, Leadership Enthusiast, and Award-winning Navy Tactician.
The Brouwer Group 

Dennis Brouwer is the CEO of The Brouwer Group, a business analytics firm that helps companies become more competitive, agile and customer-focused. He has over two decades of experience as a senior leader in sales, marketing, and product development roles, including five years as an executive with P&L responsibility for a $300m global IT services business.

He began his career as a naval flight officer and mission commander searching for Soviet submarines while deployed aboard USS Ranger and USS Enterprise. For the past  five years, he has applied his military and business experience to the challenges of  creative leadership, peak performance, and business strategy. He holds the certificate in leadership coaching from Georgetown University and is the author of “The Return on Leadership”, which focuses on the Vision, Engagement, and Execution as the key building blocks used by highly effective leaders

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00:49 Dan Harris: I'm your host, Dan Harris, and welcome back to another episode of Minds On B2B. Thank you so much, everyone, for clicking, subscribing, sharing, downloading, and of course listening to our podcast. This is a weekly show dedicated to helping busy B2B executives, marketers, and sales professionals stay informed, learn something new, and perhaps apply a lesson learned or run with an idea shared by our guest. As we say at Minds On, all of our minds together are better than any one mind alone. Who knows? You just might like what you hear, connect, and network with us.

01:26 DH: Today, our topic is leadership, and I am thrilled to be sharing the mic with Dennis Brouwer, the CEO of The Brouwer Group. And I can tell you firsthand, he's a true renaissance man. He's a Naval Flight Officer, military veteran, a business leader at the enterprise level, startup level, he's an author, a coach, a keynote speaker, and an incredible son, husband, father, and a friend to many. I would like to say we both sat down in the Minds On B2B studio, but we were both standing, walking around and having this conversation over the telephone. We

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