Jul 16, 201921m
Love Yo Self
Jul 1621m
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Welcome to Mimi On A Mission: Sex Ed, The Podcasts, where host Mimi Missfit brings her mission to get everyone talking openly about sex, love and relationships to BBC Sounds. This final episode, is crammed full with good vibes and positive messages like: ‘you can’t change what you see but you can change how you see it’. For the last time this series, Mimi welcomes Finn, Garthia and Lizzie into the studio to talk about bodies, private parts and self-love. They’re some of the teens she took to Holland to experience sex ed Dutch-style for her iPlayer series. There are plenty of laughs as they struggle with drawing vulvas and what we call our ‘bits’. They also discuss body shaming and the pressure of celebrity social media beauty standards. But above all they spread the message that whoever you are, whatever you look like, you are beautiful and you should love and respect yourself. Come join the conversation… If anything we chat about in this podcast has upset you, you can find a link to the BBC Actionline pages via the iPlayer episode.

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