Britt Hysen Millennial Magazine Interview

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Sep 9, 201542m
Britt Hysen Millennial Magazine Interview
Sep 9 '1542m
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Millennials & Money Cafe Where we create events to empower, inspire and motivate Millennials to love, live and matter. Interview with Britt Hysen (podcast above M&M Cafe title)   Britt Hysen is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of MiLLENNiAL, a digital magazine highlighting global millennial leaders. From celebrities involved in causes to CEOs disrupting their industries, Britt focuses her stories on the social impact of the generation. She shares with us her life experiences, learnings and inspirations as she evolved from an acting career into creating an online magazine and being named top 100 Millennial Influencer by the White House and overcoming many challenges along the way. Here is an inspirational quote Britt's friend channeled for her that she uses when feeling troubled by challenges: "Rise above your mind and visit the essence of you that is fearless" ~Erin Lipton Click here to read her -->Millennial Magazine You can listen to other Millennial & Money Cafe podcast interviews on iTunes.

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