Trade Your Talents & Travel the World with Abbey Ley + Ask Shannah

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May 3, 201932m
Trade Your Talents & Travel the World with Abbey Ley + Ask Shannah
May 332m
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We all have talents – maybe you’re good at writing, or you can bake a mean pie, or maybe you’re great at organization, or snowboarding is your jam. What if there was a way to use your talents to travel the world and have epic adventures? Our podcasts guest, Abbey Ley, is sharing how she traded her graphic design talents to explore the world.

What You'll Learn

  • How did Abbey learn how to trade her talents to travel the world
  • How does Abbey travel while still paying off her student loan and manage her credit card debt
  • Abbey recently went on a 6-week trip - how did she figure out where to save and where to splurge
  • What advice does Abbey have for you to figure out what your talents are that you can trade for travel
  • What has Abbey's money journey been as a freelancer trying to balance earning money with saving for her future



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