Venom Is So Good, It's Good

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Oct 14, 201825m
Venom Is So Good, It's Good
Oct 14 '1825m
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Ben and I deliver another bonus episode of the pod, this time discussing the new release Venom! It really is good guys, and not in a so bad it’s good way. I hate that term, nothing you like is bad, something is good about it and we should appreciate that more. Tom Hardy is a treasure, and worth of the price of admission on this new superhero franchise, but the film as a whole knows what Venom is; a comedy. Ben and I discuss that and get very excited for the sequel, so Spoilerphobes beware! Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:00:30 Reservations On Seeing Venom 0:03:00 Venom Is A Comedy, Intentionally 0:07:31 ***Spoilers*** Discussing The Sequel Potential 0:09:25 Ben Shares His Thoughts On Venom 0:15:30 Embrace The Weird With Venom 2: Venom Harder 0:18:12 Riz Ahmed Deserves Some Props 0:20:00 Who Is Venom For? @middleofrow #nothe

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