The Decade's Best: Upstream Color

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Feb 6, 201942m
The Decade's Best: Upstream Color
Feb 642m
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Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new podcast! This new podcast will be looking back at the best movies of the last ten years and is handedly titled, The Decade’s Best! The first entry in the series will focus on the 2013 film, Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color. An absolute masterpiece, Grant and I get into the finer points of the film as well as discuss the big picture ideas as we try to unpack some of the film’s mystery. An amazing film that not enough people have seen, Upstream Color will surely find its way into my top 10 of The Decade’s Best. So join us for this new journey as we figure this out as we go. Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Introducing The Decade’s Best Podcast 0:05:45 The Decade’s Best: Upstream Color 0:10:00 Why Should Upstream Color Be On The Decade’s Best Movies List? 0:18:00 Debating What Happened In The Ending And If The Sampler Is Bad 0:23:00 Breaking Down Some Of The Mystery And Themes 0:35:20 Grant’s Crazy Theory And Wrapping It Up @middleofrow #nothe

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