Captain Marvel Stands Up

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Mar 17, 201956m
Captain Marvel Stands Up
Mar 1756m
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We head back to the MCU for Captain Marvel! This one was enjoyed by the pod, but to varying degrees. Some of us think Vers is a bit lacking in character. Some of us wish we got more S.H.I.E.L.D. Some of us love Flerkins. All of us love Ben Mendelsohn. But, all and all, we think Captain Marvel is worth seeing, especially as a preview of what she is going to do in Avengers: Endgame. So strap in those earbuds after you’ve seen Marvel’s latest and see what we’ve got to say! Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Spoiler Free Captain Marvel Thoughts 0:03:00 Discussing The Origin Story Formula 0:06:00 S.H.I.E.L.D. Underserved Or Go More Cosmic 0:07:00 Discussing Brie Larson And Captain Marvel’s Character 0:12:30 Does The Movie Work Despite Shortcomings? 0:14:00 How Does It Stand As An MCU Movie? And THE 90’S! 0:18:00 The Stan Lee Of It All 0:20:26 SPOILERS For Captain Marvel (I Didn’t Transition This Well) 0:20:26 Talos As A “Villain” 0:23:30 Some Questions About Tesseracts And Flerkins 0:28:30 Discussing Some Adaptation Changes & Skrulls 0:31:30 Captain Marvel Power Rankings And End Game Speculation 0:37:20 Some Shoutouts To The Support Staff 0:45:00 How Will This Connect To The Greater MCU Going Forward? 0:50:30 Did We Mention Annette Bening!?!?!?! @middleofrow #nothe

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