February 2019 Insider's Report
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"We empower home sellers, buyers, investors, builders, developers, influencers and business partners to do what they are great at because they understand the importance of an elite real estate team and desire a strong support system behind them.

They trust their advisors to help them make the decisions that best suit the advancement of their goals.


The Legacy Group is a full service real estate brand that operates not only in the real estate and real estate investing world, but also the digital marketing world. The team has completed hundreds of real estate transactions and has helped many more with their goals and business endeavors.

We put more money into our client’s pockets by using data driven measures and by being the best negotiators in our market.

The Legacy Group was started by Brandon Gentile who is a serial entrepreneur and found his calling building businesses and helping others do the same.

TLG TV is a way for the team to give maximum value back to the market and provide exposure to the virtues of real estate and explode the myths inside of it.

Not only will we have Q&A and industry issues but we will be bringing in business owners from every walk of life to bring value to you.

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We do our macro outlook of what's going on in the world economy and how it relates to you who are at home and the real estate market, etc. This is going to be a quick one today. I'm going to start making some shorter videos, some more bite-sized, consumable videos for everybody. I'm just looking at some sites I look at all the time. I want to give you guys some of these values that I am looking at and this is where I get a lot of my information. Zerohedge.com is an awesome place. Shadowstats.com is another unbelievable place to get any economic stats that you want. It's called shadowstats.com, but its shadowgovernmentstatistics.com and zerohedge.com is unbelievable too.

It's happening

It's really talking about what is actually going on in the economy, what is the actual unemployment rate, things like that. Right. A couple of the headlines I'm looking at right now, "US housing market and free fall as new buyers can't afford a home."  

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