Feb 23, 201913m
Nehemiah Audio Drama - The Aftershow
Feb 2313m
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Join us for a special listener supported audio drama on Nehemiah and the Walls of Jerusalem Aftershow. Credits: John Gillis: Nehemiah Brett Heaston: Haniah, King Artaxerxes Jannel Heaston: King Artaxerxes' Wife Madelyn Heaston: Shallum, Elizabeth Russ Stewart: Captain Gersheb, Geshem Joshua Taylor: Hanun, Shemaiah, Sanballat, Trumpeteer, Messenger Mr Harris: Shallun Renee Harris: Shallun's Wife Simeon Harris: Simeon Dan Tomandl: Ezra, Tobiah Special Thanks to Ryan Amon of City of Fallen for his use of tracks from his Divinus Album on this podcast special.

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