Aug 8, 201523m
979 BC: Absalom and the Spirit of Rejection
Aug 8 '1523m
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After Amnon's rape of Tamar, the Bible says that King David was furious, but it does not state he disciplined his son. The lack of detail implies King David did nothing, which fueled the hatred between Absalom, the brother of Tamar, and Amnon. After two years, Absalom killed Amnon to avenge the rape of his sister. After the murder of his brother, Absalom fled from Israel and is allowed back into Israel after three years, but not allowed to see the king for another two years. Five years of not seeing his father and the rejection of his father led Absalom to full-blown rebellion. In this episode, we discuss the rebellion of Absalom and the spirit of rejection. 2 Samuel 13:23 - 15:12

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