1051 BC: King Saul's Folly
Sep 13 '1413m
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After the defeat of Nahash and the renewal of the kingship, King Saul dismisses his huge army and only keeps a standing force of 3,000 men. With his small army, he turns it west and attacks the Philistines. This violent act stirs up the Philistines and they show up in force with over 300,000 men. Saul and his army flee and hide and many surrender to the Philistines. Saul, in his fear and without waiting completely for Samuel, steps in front of the Levites and conducts a Levitical sacrifice to gain God's approval. As Saul completes the sacrifice, Samuel arrives. Instead of receiving God's favor, Saul, by ignoring God's law and disobeying Samuel, he receives God's judgment.

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